Financial Aid Forms

Students may be requested to submit additional forms and documents each year in order to determine their financial aid eligibility.

Newly admitted students can refer to their financial aid award notifications or other communications from the Office of Financial Aid to see which items are needed. Returning students can login to to view any outstanding items. 

In order to safeguard student information and that of their families, the Office of Financial Aid will only accept forms uploaded into (newly admitted students only) or dropped off in-person or by mail at: 鶹ý University of California, ATTN: Office of Financial Aid, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901

鶹ý University of California is not responsible for any Personally Identifiable Information submitted through unencrypted methods.

Document Requirements

  1. Submit forms for the appropriate academic year, i.e., submit a 2024-25 form for the Fall '24, Spring '25, or Summer '25 semesters.
  2. Answer all questions on the form.
  3. Physically sign all forms, digital signatures are not accepted on most forms.
  4. Make sure the form is clear and legible. Illegible forms and documents will not be accepted.
  5. If a form requests additional documents to be provided, please attach those additional items to the form.


Family Expense Form2023-20242024-2025
Student Asset Form2023-20242024-2025
Parent Asset Form2023-20242024-2025
Dependent Standard Verification Worksheet2023-20242024-2025
Dependent Custom Verification Worksheet2023-20242024-2025
Dependent Aggregate Verification Worksheet2023-20242024-2025
Independent Standard Verification Worksheet2023-20242024-2025
Independent Custom Verification Worksheet 2023-20242024-2025
Independent Aggregate Verification Worksheet2023-20242024-2025
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Financial Aid Portal

Newly admitted students can view all outstanding financial aid documents on 鶹ý’s Financial Aid Portal.