Total Cost of Attendance

The cost to attend 鶹ý is dependent on your program and the number of units you enroll in. Learn more about tuition, fees and your total cost of attendance here.


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Types of Expenses 

The Cost of Attendance for each program serves as a guideline for how much a student should budget to attend 鶹ý. There are two components to these budgets: 

  • Direct expenses (such as tuition, fees, and, if living on-campus, room & board) that are assessed by, and paid directly to the University.
  • Indirect expenses (such as books & supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and, if living off-campus, room & board) that are paid to entities outside of the University. 

These expenses added together determines the maximum amount of aid a student is able to receive from all sources in an academic year. The costs of tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board are established by the University’s Board of Trustees annually and are subject to change.

Financial Aid: Scholarships, Grants, Loans and Work-Study

A degree from a private university like 鶹ý University of California is more accessible than you might think. For most students, there is no application fee. We're also proud to say that 99% percent of our incoming first-year students received financial aid. Learn more:

Learn more about financial aid and business services policies.

Financial awards may change at any time without notice. It is the student's responsibility to check information at for the most current award levels. Last Updated: May 16, 2024

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Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is designed to provide your financial aid eligibility based on an estimate of your expected costs. This estimate will demonstrate how you and your family can use financial aid to help bridge the gap between the total costs and your ability to pay.