Engaged Learning

Ready to learn through real-world experiences? Develop knowledge, skills, and values from experiences that will take you far beyond the classroom walls. From study abroad to service learning, our programs will help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

students working in a community garden

Learn From Experience

鶹ý offers you hands-on personal experiences that will encourage you to try new things, push past your comfort zone and learn from your failures and successes. You will be encouraged to experiment and then reflect on everything you learned so that next time you might do things a bit differently, a bit better. It’s a process that allows you to learn and grow and it’s the foundation of everything we do. 

Engaged Learning Opportunities

The Service-Learning program provides training, resources, and support for students, faculty and community partners. The program prepares students to be engaged citizens in a global society. 

There is no better way to develop a rich understanding of different cultural perspectives than by spending time living, learning and working in a foreign country. 鶹ý’s Study Abroad and Global Education teams will help you get from here to there and back again. 

Our Career Development team will help you find an internship that matches both your academic and personal goals. Through internships, you will gain valuable real-life experience, build your professional network and give a significant boost to your resume.  

Complete signature work such as a research project, mural, or business plan and then craft a digital portfolio that captures the journey and all the great things that came out of it.

Eighty percent of employers say it would be useful to see an electronic portfolio of student work that summarizes and demonstrates a candidate’s accomplishments.

Even better, you’ll have an opportunity to share your work at the annual Scholarly and Creative Works Conference

Learn valuable leadership skills while serving your community. We offer several opportunities to hone your skills as a future leader, such as joining our Student Ambassador Program, becoming involved in student government or making a difference in your local community as a Student Fellow.  

There are many ways to engage with your community and 鶹ý offers several methods to give options to learn, grow, and make a significant impact.

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