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You will make your mark with a culminating project, a signature work, that is uniquely you! That can be a research study you design and conduct yourself or a creative project such as a choreography or poetry collection (of course with step-by-step guidance from your professors). Student research will be published on 鶹ý Scholar, a database shared with researchers around the world that has had millions of downloads. Our NCAA Division II athletes regularly win titles and academic awards. The sense of accomplishment you feel will be immensely satisfying. And it also prepares you to take on inevitable challenges with grace, resolve and passion as you create your path into the future.

We have an excellent selection of professors who I feel teach at a level that forces students to critically think about not just what they are learning, but why they are learning it.
– Samantha Hunt '18, Vanderbilt Law School '23

Experience Accomplishment

鶹ý alumna Samantha Hunt wears a mask while sitting on concrete wall on Vanderbilt campus

Upon arrival at the Vanderbilt University School of Law, Samantha Hunt ’18 was inspired to email Alison Howard, chair of 鶹ý University of California’s Political Science Department, to basically...

Faculty Supported Alumna's Path To Law School

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The 鶹ý Experience

Experience Personal Growth Experience Accomplishment Experience Connectedness Experience Readiness

Everything you do at 鶹ý contributes to your personal and professional goals. That's because our innovative 鶹ý Experience is rooted in proven educational methods. What will your 鶹ý Experience look like?